When You Purchase Your $7 Membership, $2 Goes Into The Revshare Spreadsheet Plan,

Your Share Position And Upgrade Are Added By Admin In Order Received!

Your Upgrade Is $6 + Proceesor Fee Is $1 = $7 TOTAL.

Your Referral Payments Are Automated And Added Instantly Member Is Upgraded!

$3 Goes To The Sponsor, $1 To His Upline & $2 To Revshare Daily Dividends.

Members Can Also Buy Extra  Rev Share Position(s) From Our Rev Share Page Inside,

Cost $3.01 For One, $2.00 Goes In The Revshare Dividends Pool Or Three For $9.03 & $7.00 Goes Into Revshare Diviends Pool!

When Your Position on The Spreadsheet Reaches $6.00 It Is Added To Your Multiple Income Club Account Wallet By Admin Manually.

Your Rev Share Balance And Position Is Removed!

To Purchase Banner Or Text Advertising And Get A Revshare Spot Go To The Purchase Revshare Advertising Page In The Members Area!